Is Mohan Babu a big politician than Pawan Kalyan?

It seems Pawan Kalyan lacks the aggression and passion that Pawan Kalyan he possessed at the time raised his fist for the first time. There might be two reasons for this attitude. One major reason seems to be a colossal loss for him in elections and his handshake with BJP the other. 

Mohan Babu and Pawan Kalyan

Looks like the actor-politician is in no mood to worry about the misery of his fans due to his U-turn by the formation of an alliance with BJP, as he is struggling with something else. While Pawan Kalyan had announced the Janasena – BJP alliance for the next elections, in the presence of BJP leaders like JP Nadda, Purandareswari, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana and others, there was not anyone from the top cadre acknowledging in any way. 

By this, the Janasenani seems to be bothered as he was denied to meet the top two BJP leaders in Delhi. At last, he had to return with disgrace. In order to attain importance to the Saffron – glass tie-up, Pawan seems to be struggling hard to meet Modi and Shah. Either top BJP leaders are just ignoring him or they don’t really feel very excited about Janasena’s support to BJP in AP taking it as useless. 

On another side, recently, Manchu Mohan Babu’s family managed to get the PM Modi’s appointment for a casual chat, selfies, and exchange of tweets. Mohan Babu might have extended his support to YSRCP in the assembly elections, but he wasn’t given any ticket. But Pawan Kalyan is the founder of their alliance party in the sate. Pawan hasn’t been able to get an official appointment, which is indicative that Pawan Kalyan is not even among the least priorities of the Centre.