Hyderabad on High Alert! Repeated earthquakes shake the capital city

The Telangana’s capital city is being terrorized with the outbreak of an earthquake which was read 4.8 on the Richter scale. Many areas in the city such as Secunderabad, Maredpally, Gachibowli were the impact zones and the people are extremely terrified with this act of nature.



The epicenter of the earthquake is Nalgonda, Telangana and the magnitude happens to be 4.8. In a depth of 10km, the Geological Survey Confirmed that low-intensity EarthQuake took place at some parts of the Hyderabad. MildTremors happened in DABEERPURA of Hyderabad and Some District of the Telangana State.

Now, the geological survey is on alert to update the people about taking needed precautions and to get prepare for the worst as several parts of the world are also affected by the tremors around the same 2.30 AM. In less than a span of 1 hour the Hyderabadis have experienced the tremors three times. Stay tuned for more updates!