New President for Telangana BJP?


The Bharatiya Janatha Party is trying everything they can to emerge as a recognizable power in the Telangana. After the most encouraging result in last year’s Lok Sabha polls, they were shredded to pieces by the TRS in the recent Municipal elections. Now, they are in the state of the revival.

Flags of BJP party

The T-BJP cadre thinks that they need new leadership to counter-attack the TRS in their own turf. It is some media reports that BJP Telangana state President K.Laxman might lose his position and a new President make take over the office very soon. 

Former Ministers DK Aruna and Jitender Reddy are in the list of candidates-to-consider and the high command will come to an agreement with one of the two names.  

DK Aruna’s name emerged out of thin air as her campaigning helped the BJP party win 1o wards where their opposition Congress hold a stronghold. Some BJP leaders still believe that Laxman will manage to retain his post and the Centre needs to clear this air with an official statement.